District Department of Transportation


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Purpose & Need

The District Department of Columbia has very few east-west network connections north of the original L’Enfant street grid. This makes east-west travel to and from neighborhood and activity centers difficult as a limited number of corridors are carrying the majority of the traffic.  DDOT proposes to undertake a comprehensive transportation study that would identify strategies for improving mobility and efficiency for all modes along this crosstown corridor.

The purpose of this project is to identify improvements along this East-West connection, address safety concerns, and optimize mobility and operations, improving the quality of life for residents in the area. The study will lay out the existing challenges and opportunities of the corridor, needs and tradeoffs, and identify projects to move forward to implementation.

At the conclusion of the planning study, recommended projects and preferred alternative concepts will be reviewed by DDOT in order to be advanced into the appropriate environmental analysis and advanced engineering studies. The Contractor will support DDOT in the determination of next steps (initiating advanced engineering studies and environmental documentation) which will be referred to as Phase 2.  Phase 2 will be completed as part of a separate task order.

Project Description: DDOT’s Crosstown Multimodal Study will examine current and future demands and long-term changes to the larger crosstown study area between Brookland and Columbia Heights. The Move DC Plan, which outlines a vision for the long-term transportation network in the District, recommended this study as one of the key near-term actions due to changing land uses and multimodal deficiencies in the area. The purpose of the study is to identify multimodal improvements to the east-west crosstown corridors in the study area.

Study Area: The Study Area is defined as the east-west transportation network between the Columbia Heights and Brookland areas. The boundaries are 16th Street NW to the west and South Dakota Avenue NE to the east, as shown on the map below. The land uses within the Study and Context Area are varied and include large educational and medical institutions, campuses, and dense urban neighborhoods.