About Us

Commun-ET (pronounced “community”) is strategic consulting firm with decades of professional expertise in providing exceptional service to its clients. Commun-ET is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices opening in Broward County, FL, Atlanta, GA, and Louisville, KY.

Our Mission

Commun-ET, LLC delivers high-quality, value-added professional services to a diverse client base. Our strength is providing valued information in a timely manner; effectively guiding our clients through complex processes in a successful manner. Our firm’s team of professionals leverages relationships and know-how for the benefit of clients.

Ian Swain

Managing Partner

Ian is Managing Partner of Commun-ET, LLC and oversees all business services including permit expediting, major community engagement, and inspection service efforts for District of Columbia’s government agencies for diverse populations and major projects (i.e., DC Streetcar, New Hampshire Avenue & Connecticut Avenue Streetscapes). He’s been instrumental in obtaining permits in complex projects for federal and local government agencies. Mr. Swain has leveraged his knowledge of the building codes and local municipalities’ nuances and management to provide our clients with invaluable guidance through the permitting process. As a testament of Mr. Swain’s professional experience, the current Chief Building Official at the DC Consumer Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) invited him to participant in the newly formed Permit Expediting Advisory Board. The purpose of the advisory board is to review possible policy and procedures that will impact the permitting process. Ian is an integral part of the landmark DC Streetcar Design-Build Team. He has been working on every facet of the streetcar project and responsible for fulfilling the vast array of permitting needs, from traction-controlled power stations to construction of the Car Barn Training Center 2. Ian specializes in meeting project deadlines under extreme circumstances and client demands. Through his diverse permitting experiences, Mr. Swain has established professional relationships with the managers of permitting operations for DOEE, DDOT, DC Water, Historic Preservation, Commission of Fine Arts and DCRA.

Charlotte Ducksworth

Partner and Vice President of Business Affairs

Charlotte Ducksworth is currently VP of Business Affairs for Commun-ET. She is an experienced 15-year Senior Executive overseeing Operations and Economic Development Project Deployment: including, Permitting, Infrastructure Review, Budgets, Divisional Project Management, Sub-Contractors, Transportation Project Deployment, Business Development and Public Engagement. She manages the critical permitting relationships/project timelines between clients and the local municipalities. She conducts routine meetings with governing agencies ensuring that Commun-ET’s client’s permits are being reviewed in a timely fashion. She is a member of the DCRA Permit Expediting Advisory Board and provides insight regarding improving permitting operations across various organizations such as DOEE, DDOT, DC Water, Historic Preservation, and Commission of Fine Arts. Charlotte has been responsible for ensuring that larger developers get their projects through the permitting process in the Washington Metropolitan area. She meets frequently with city officials, community liaisons and permitting managers such as the chief building officials and zoning managers to shepherd projects through efficiently ensuring critical timeframes are met in design build projects and other complex permitting cases. She manages the development of the Public Involvement Plan (PIP) which provides the blueprint to guide the strategy of interaction with community stakeholders in various stages of project deployments. Ms. Ducksworth explains the permit process in layman terms to community stakeholders as needed. She represents clients at meetings and leverages relationships to mitigate costly delays. She has developed partnering sessions with economic-focused organizations that help citizens, business/civic leaders and economic development professionals discuss and develop a proposal of action to advance the regional economy through transportation, etc. She also provides over 16 years of expertise managing MBE/WBE and Prime Contractor Compliance.

Leon Swain


Leon J. Swain, Jr. serves as the President Emeritus of Commun-ET, LLC, specializing in bridging the gap between communication, engineering, and transportation. Leon has over 20 years of key leadership experience overseeing transportation and infrastructure projects. As the former Chairperson of the District of Columbia Taxicab Commission, appointed June 25th 2007 by Mayor Adrian Fenty, he led the effort to transform the antiquated zone fare system to the new metered system. The undertaking required Leon to establish rules/regulations, write portions of legislation and oversee the taxi meter installation engineering specifications. His work had a significant impact in defining an industry. He also facilitated many community engagement meetings for community stakeholders and has an extensive background in conducting comprehensive media/public relations campaigns and branding initiatives. Leon has extensive community service experience spanning a period of over 30 years, and a diverse professional background in Law Enforcement, where he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award (the city’s Highest Honor) as well as the Silver Medal of Valor) for the apprehension of John Hinckley after his failed attempted assassination of President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

Cassia Herron

Project Manager

Cassia Herron is a Project Manager with Commun-ET. As a native of Kentucky, she has spent over 15 years working to improve the state’s regional local food systems to expand food access and develop new markets for family farmers; and was integral in helping Louisville Metro Government create its Farm-to-Table program toward that end. Cassia has a unique background working at the intersections of community and economic development, agriculture and food and the built environment. In addition to her local government experience, Cassia has served local non-profits as board member and consultant. As the President of the Louisville Association for Community Economics, she is leading efforts to open a community-owned grocery store in one of Louisville’s downtown neighborhoods. Cassia has professional expertise in community engagement, project management, grant-writing, policy development and strategic planning, and most recently helped launch the Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research at the University of Louisville. She also freelances as a writer and adjunct professor. Cassia is a graduate of the University of Louisville and has a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan.

Philip Agar

Permit Coordinator and Junior Project Manager

Philip Agar serves as the Permit Coordinator and Junior Project Assistant at Commun-ET providing program assistance for permit expediting and green building projects. He has experience in green building and energy efficiency programs in the DC metro area. He supports critical components of community engagement efforts, permitting processes and green building projects. His background in environmental science and skills in data collection and analysis have allowed Commun-ET to expand the services provided to our clients. Phil helps lead the permit expediting efforts throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan region.

Zayd Williamson

Permitting Technician and Project Assistant

Zayd Williamson is currently a Project Assistant at Commun-ET specializing in public engagement and permitting. Mr. Williamson is a Certified Traffic Control Design Specialist. He works with local governments/jurisdictions to submit, track, and manage permit application packages by understanding project scopes and permit requirements. He assists with client management; providing professional status updates to ensure that projects are on time and within budget. Previously, he was a superintendent at A-1 Engineering where he had supervision over the accounting, traffic control and customer service departments. Zayd graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Information System for Networking at Strayer University. He shows leadership, contains great communication and networking skills and Proficient in Microsoft Office and Adobe Software.

Cristal Coleman

Project Assistant

Commun-ET DC CBE & Federal DBE Certification Information:

Certification Number: LSDZR95714022017

Federal WMATA/DDOT DBE Certification Number: 15-01-04-N