Alli Stipes is a Permitting Manager, managing utility coordination, permit expediting, and project management. She has 12 years of experience in construction. Her background is in urban planning, plan review and zoning having worked in local government for 9 years as a planner. More recently, she has worked in the general contracting realm as a permit expediter and project manager for multi-site projects. She has experience in permitting and project managing construction projects in 12 states.

Alli’s knowledge in building codes as well as her experience with the inner workings of government entities at the local, state and federal levels pair well with her experience in project management. She is adept at navigating through issues that arise and anticipating those that may. She enjoys the challenge of using critical thinking and strategic planning to ensure Commun-ET’s customers achieve their desired results.

In her off time, Alli enjoys traveling abroad and watching her son play travel soccer.

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