Charlotte Ducksworth is currently VP of Business Affairs for Commun-ET and manages key facets of the Public Engagement & Permitting Services support. She is an award winning and experienced 18 -year Senior Executive overseeing Operations: including, Permitting, Infrastructure Design Reviews, Budgets, Divisional Project Management, Public/Private Sector Financing, Transportation Project Deployment, and Public Engagement. She has led permitting efforts for DGS, DDOT, DC Water (Green Infrastructure) and other private entities such as Kaiser Permanente. She has led interagency coordinating efforts for several DDOT projects, including D.C. Streetcar Car Barn, Vision Zero, Crosstown Study, and the Multi-Modal Congestion Study. Ms. Ducksworth’s expertise in providing insight to foresee elements that can impact critical permitting elements /project timelines between clients and the local municipalities has been commended by agencies, stakeholders, and development teams. She conducts routine meetings with regulatory agencies ensuring that Commun-ET’s client’s permits are being reviewed in a timely fashion.

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