Philip Agar serves as the Senior Coordinator/Project Manager of the Permitting Division at Commun-ET LLC. With over 7 years of permit and utility consulting experience at Commun-ET, Philip leads the simultaneous intake, submission, tracking, analysis, execution of permit and utility consulting tasks, reporting and closeout of approximately 400-500 permits and licenses annually for approximately 200-250 project sites for a wide variety of clients including Fortune 500 companies, retail businesses, developers, contractors, architects, and utility agencies. By leveraging existing relationships and creating new relationships with permitting agency supervisors, Mr. Agar expedites permits with approximately 75 different jurisdictions and independent agencies throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia area and throughout the country. Mr. Agar collaborates and coordinate with contractors, architects, engineers, and developers to align and optimize workflows to meet and exceed permitting and utility project deliverables while maintaining consistent and concise communication with internal and external teams. He also reviews permitting documents to ensure compliance with submission standards for permitting agencies and performs related quality check on documents and drawings. He also builds custom permit tracking, business development and communications workflows including the use of dependencies to track, analyze, and improve permit expediting outcomes for new and existing customers.

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