Our team of professionals have a proven track record of meeting the needs of our clients.

Commun-ET is a strategic consulting firm specializing in these disciplines:
1) Permit Expediting and Planning
2) Inspections (Civil and Electrical)
3) Public/Stakeholder Engagement
4) Drone/Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operations and policy Project Management
5) Quality Assurance and Inspections (Civil and Electrical)

Permit Expediting

Commun-ET is one of the leading permit expediting firms in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area by volume. Our clients are primarily, local and federal  government agencies, architectural/engineering firms, developers, national chain retail establishments. Our approach is tailored specifically to the needs of our clients to achieve the necessary and proper building plans and permits. We work hand-in-hand with permitting agencies leveraging our know-how and relationships to obtain the approvals for licensing and various permits, including but not limited to, public space, utility, environmental. Our professional staff are degreed individuals with architectural/engineering backgrounds with intimate knowledge of permit processing. We utilize a systematic approach, by reducing the average time frames and eliminate mistakes that impacts our clients in a significantly. We have achieved favorable results in our  presentations to Chief Building Officials, Zoning Administrators, planning and public space personnel, and other agency personnel on behalf of our clients.Our professional backgrounds afford us the ability to handle our clients’ needs in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner.

Utility Coordination

Effective communication between transportation agencies, utilities, design firms, and local municipalities is critical for a success project. Our core principles of utility coordination services are effective communication strategies with technical expertise to facilitate and support projects during all phases of development and delivery. Commun-ET’s professional personnel have extensive experience in utility coordination, methods and negotiations with agencies in the Washington Metropolitan Area, including local, county, and state governments and utility companies.At Commun-ET, each utility coordination project is thoroughly investigated to prevent problems before they arise, identify and understand project-specific issues, and plan ahead for each stage. Commun-ET works proactively with utilities in reviewing schedules and phasing, and developing a contingency plan in case of delay.Utility coordination tasks include:

  • Provide experienced utility coordinators familiar with the client’s utility coordination process
  • Employ cost avoidance measures where feasible
  • Coordinate utility work by others
  • Provide ‘utilities clear’ certification and required documents to the construction utility coordinators/ construction project engineer
  • Prepare and administer utility coordination activities when appropriate or should the scope of utility work exceed a utility agency’s resources
  • Support efforts in acquiring utility permits and easements
  • Obtain suitable utility work schedules from Utility Agency Owner’s (UAO’s)
It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to listen to stakeholders from residents, business owners, elected officials, or professional associations. We provide our clients with critical information through quality exchanges and interactions. Our permitting work often informs our public engagement.

Public Engagement

Our public engagement philosophy is based on our trademark model - The 3Cs. Clear, Concise, and Consistent messaging is the foundation for Commun-ET’s active communication with community stakeholders. Public engagement is a focused effort in which we clearly and concisely articulate our client’s information and become active listeners to gather the needed feedback to improve on our client’s knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about a development project, transportation planning, environmental policy, land use challenges, utility upgrades, coordination, and social/political issues. Our goal is to make certain that we utilize every method of communication consistently to reach as many stakeholders as possible.

Public/Stakeholder Engagement

Winning the R.A.C.ETM - A Team Approach

Through the implementation of the R.A.C.E approach, stakeholders buy-in to an open and inclusive process. Active communication is the key. The R.A.C.E. concept looks to foster a cooperative working environment – where ideas are shared and voices are appreciated.R - Results Driven approaches with goals and objectives clearly definedA - Available/Accessible process (reaching stakeholders whenever and wherever they are)C - Connectivity - stakeholders of all communities must believe their input is needed and valuedE - Evolve - As feedback/data is analyzed, the project will continue to evolve and innovate as a transit authority

Quality Assurance & Inspections

Our team provides professional inspection services for both vertical and horizontal construction projects. As owner agent, we protect our client’s interest in the field. Commun-ET makes certain proper reports are filed and all activities are documented. Commun-ET  specializes in  quality assurance and observation.