Atapco Foreign Trade Zone Project a.k.a. Steeplechase 95


Prince George’s County

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Atapco Foreign Trade Zone Project a.k.a. Steeplechase 95 is a mixed-use business park and retail center located in Capitol Heights, Maryland, directly off of Exit 13 of the Capital Beltway. The property offers all the elements needed to create a large-scale business park development; individual sites that can accommodate buildings from 50,000 to 500,000 square feet, excellent access, visibility and ample amenities.

Purpose: Steeplechase 95 offers a new alternative for major corporate employers looking for distribution, fulfillment, and light manufacturing facilities in the Baltimore-Washington region. The property is the premier business park in Prince George’s County. Since 2004, Atapco has developed this project to provide state of the art, Class-A industrial/flex buildings that incorporates all the elements needed to create a large-scale business park. The building sizes range from 30,000 to 175,000 square feet. The business park also offers excellent access, visibility and ample amenities.

Study: Atapco Properties (Atapco) elected to position the site to accommodate a diverse mix of retail, commercial and light-industrial tenants looking to capitalize on the property’s advantageous location and ample economic incentives. Atapco divided the property into a total of 12 Class A properties capable of hosting buildings between 50,000 square feet and 500,000 square feet, with ample parking space and cargo loading areas buffering each individual development. Atapco supplemented the commercial and industrial spaces with a hospitality development, an eight-site retail pad, and a 26,000-square foot multitenant building, allocated for prime retail and restaurant tenants.

ROLE: Commun-ET principal provided the public outreach regarding the impact on the project for local businesses. Provided several outreach sessions communicating planning designs and community viewpoints regarding public impact of the project. Commun-ET principal was also responsible for drafting MOU language regarding Atapco’s commitment to small business impact and opportunities for local business participation during project design and construction. Commun-ET principal monitored MOU progress, developed key data metrics for project measurement, and developed/hosted several project-based small business forums for key discussions on impact and community relationship